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Below you will see a list of our Services and what we provide. Pricing has many different variables based on – the uniqueness of each car as well as the needs of our customers.  Please contact us today to recieve your custom quote.   

Single Stage Polish

This includes our interior and exterior wash package.  This package is for those customers looking to slightly increase the gloss and cut down on swirl marks currently on the car.  This package is good for those cars that just need to be polished to bring the gloss back.  Deeper defects will remain in paint.  We also will top the vehicle off with a sealant that will last 4 months to provide protection. 6 hour proces

Dual Stage Polish

This is for our customers who want the highest level of correction done to their vehicles. We typically aim for a 90% or better correction level with this package. We will first level down any defects in paint, which is then followed up by our polishing stage to really enhance the gloss.  For those looking to be the envy of all, this is your package.  12-14 hour process

​Coating Services

This is the next level of protection that will protect your paint for at least 2 years. We include our Dual Stage Polish package then we will install a coating on your paint that will reduce swirling, dirt build up as well as reducing wash time.  Coating is a very popular option for brand new cars so you can protect your investment.  72 hour process to ensure coating cures correctly

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